Camping Details

We are excited to return to wonderful Rockcastle Riverside in 2020!

Here are a few things that we hope will help all of our campers plan for a great weekend:

Due to limited real estate in the venue for vehicles, the majority of camping at The Moonshiner’s Ball is “tent only” – IE: cars will be parked across the street.

Many of the campsites are tucked away in wooded, riverside plots that are wonderful for Autumn camping vibes…but not so great for vehicle access. In order to maximize the use of the land and the camping experience for our guests, only cars with a pre-purchased “car camping” pass will be permitted in the general camping area.

For our TENT-ONLY CAMPERS: please note that the main festival entrance is located directly across the street from the vehicle parking lot – not a far walk, but we’re asking folks to bear in mind that you might be walking a bit with your gear. (The furthest sites are approximately few hundred yards from the main gate.) We recommend packing as light as possible, and being prepared to possibly make multiple trips from the check-in / load-in gate (or from your car) to your campsite. We have systems in place to help minimize your haul and help you get settled in your campsite with very little hassle!

You WILL be allowed to access your car as needed throughout the weekend with your festival wristband.

Tent-only sites are first “come – first serve, so we can’t guarantee availability in any specific area, but after checking in at the front gate, you’re more than welcome to walk around and explore the available options before setting up your camp. Below are a few up-front details about the general tent-camping areas.

As in years past, our primary camping areas are broken into distinct zones:

Tent Camping Areas


Family/Quiet Camping

This tranquil, riverside zone is located furthest from the stages (approximately 200 yards from main stage lawn). Given the nature of festivals, we can’t make any guarantees on noise levels anywhere in the venue, but are asking folks in this zone to maintain “quiet hours,” particularly between 10 p.m.-8 a.m.


Shine On Camping

This flat stretch is perfect for folks who like to be close to the action! Located along the main stage lawn in the heart of the festival, campers in this zone will be in closest proximity to the music, the food & retail vendors, the community bonfire and the life of the party.


Middle Path Camping

This tranquil, riverside zone is located, as its name suggests, in the middle of the other two options: halfway between the party and the chill zone. Lots of beautiful camping options in this area!

Car Camping Pass Holders


We have a few different areas set aside for car camping. Our front gate team will direct you into your spot when you arrive. If you are planning to camp near other friends who have car camping passes, please plan to arrive together… we can’t guarantee that we will be able to hold specific spots.

Car camping spots allow room for one vehicle and one tent.

Do you still have questions about camping?