Whistling Jug Artist Exposure Series


The Whistling Jug Artist Exposure Series, hosted by Jory Bowling of Trucker Hat Coalition and The Blind Corn Liquor Pickers, is a roaming platform providing singer/songwriters the opportunity to perform original music and express their originality in a listening environment.

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Kevin Dalton

Singer Songwriter, Guitar Pickin, Multi Instrument Experimentin, Mother Nature Lovin, Tree Huggin, Peace Drivin, Melody Addict. The creative force behind the band “Faubush Hill” writing all songs for the band, as well as writing or co-writing over 300 songs over the years spanning genres from folk to metal. I’m constantly learning and growing as a songwriter. Songs are products of life, as we grow and change, so do the results of our songs. Influences range far and wide, but have a special connection with Darrell Scott, Ryan Adams, Guy Clark, Lyle Lovett, Bob Dylan, Prince (yes Prince), Kate Bush & Tori Amos to name a few.

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Ronnie King

Ronnie recorded and performed with “New River Line” from 2002- 2006, an original bluegrass band he co-founded in Kentucky. It was during this time in which Ronnie began his songwriting,
contributing many originals to NRL’s first two projects, one of which “My Brother Paul” earned runner up in the 2007 Chris Austin Songwriting contest at the annual MerleFest festival in Wilkesboro, NC. Ronnie left NRL in 2007 to pursue solo interest in other genres such as folk and rock, devoting his time to a songwriting journey in multiple paths. His songwriting is emotionally intense with socially relevant material, and ranges from controversial subjects such as poverty, drug abuse, and politics to memories of home, thoughts of freedom, love, and social responsibility.

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Posted on

May 11, 2016