The Rooster’s Crow

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Rooted in traditional Appalachian folk music, The Rooster’s Crow brings a unique new sound to the singer-songwriter scene. Much like the old-time ballads heard as a child in Eastern Kentucky, Spencer’s songs pay respect to the love and loss common to those hills and hollers. But, this is not the same folk music your grandma listened to on her kitchen radio. Gritty, dirty, Spencer’s meticulously crafted lyrics paint a vivid portrait of both the beauty and darker side of mountain life. The songs are laced with Maggie Lander’s fiddle work and her beautiful vocal harmonies. Rounding out the four piece is bassist, Chip Minks, and drummer-extraordinaire, Justin Wall, whose combined intricate rhythms provide the beat that bring the words to life. Stripped down, raw, and hauntingly beautiful, The Rooster’s Crow will stir something inside you. Its music will move you – to stomp your feet, to ache for lost love, to smile, cry, sin, or repent.


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February 18, 2016

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