BROOKLYN, NY — A global shapeshifter – born of Sudanese parents in London, England, raised in Columbus, Ohio – Brooklyn-based musician Ahmed Gallab (aka “Sinkane”) creates wildly joyful electro-funk jams with the purpose of lifting spirits and celebrating life. He sings and writes songs, plays drums, guitar and keys, and designs soundscapes with the rich diversity only a background like his could afford. From song to song you’ll detect elements of sub-Suharan pop, afro-rock, electronica, reggae, krautrock and funk. And he’s performed this music all over the globe, from shows in London with David Byrne, to the Jamaican tour he just completed this spring. His songs speak to the oppressed, to the poor, to immigrants the world over, at a time of so much backlash and hatemongering. The globalized world is great and glorious (and messy and regressive) but it’s the former that interests Sinkane. His songs are 100% positivity. Music for dancing and celebration, focused on the humanity we all share and not the cultures that keep us estranged or the ignorance that breeds hate.

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