S.G. Goodman

S.G. Goodman was raised in Western Kentucky on the Mississippi River Delta, in a strict church going family of row crop farmers. She went from singing in church three times a week to becoming a prominent member of the Murray, KY DIY scene and an impassioned voice in the political and social movements she supported. Her insights into the plight of the rural working class is a subject which she explores on her intense debut song and its accompanying video, “The Way I Talk.”

As a gay woman who grew up in one of the most isolated parts of Kentucky, S.G. has the unique perspective of feeling like “the insider who is also the outsider“. Filled with biblical references and southern imagery like Red Birds, Cypress knees and coal miner’s sons, Old Time Feeling, is a complicated ode to the south filtered through her lived experience of heartache, protest, estrangement and reconciliation.

Old Time Feeling covers a lot of challenging ground. S.G. debunks rural stereotypes, while exploring mental health and living with OCD, as well as her sexuality and the notion that you can still love your  family and community even though you might disagree with them.

Jim James [who produced her incredible debut album] believes S.G’s experiences could serve as a bridge for a divided country. “I think she could play an important role in the healing we need to see happen right now. She’s living proof that we can be whoever we want to be, no matter where we come from.” 

[Taken from an article in Guitar Girl Magazine https://guitargirlmag.com/news/music-news/s-g-goodman-releases-debut-album-old-time-feeling-produced-by-jim-james-on-verve-forecast-5-29-the-way-i-talk-video-premiered-with-the-fader/]

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