October 7 – 10, 2021|Rockcastle Riverside, KY

Laid Back Country Picker


The entertainer is a big man. He has long ashen hair, a mile-wide gap between his front teeth, and bushy mutton chops that point to a soft chin. He’s dressed in nothing but black. Black shoes. Black socks. Black pants. Black shirt. He’d disappear into the night if it weren’t for the ivory hat in his hand, it’s brim curled way up on either side like two warring tidal waves.

Who is this guy? This ghost with a guitar? Nobody knows. That dumbfounded crowd of Pikevillians certainly didn’t. It was like they thought if they clapped their clammy Methodist hands together they’d catch on fire.

Whatever. If the ghost cares he doesn’t show it. Besides, his grandbaby is in town and he’s got a long drive back to Lawrence County.

He pops the door on that beat-up Crown Vic. It’s all dome lights and dinging as he settles behind the wheel. The door shuts. The engine awakens. The ghost rolls his window down and away he goes.

He knows he ought to wear his seatbelt but he never does. He can’t help it. He’s a country picker, by god.

And he likes to lay alllllllll the way back.

[from an amazing piece on LBCP by Coleman Larkin for Kentucky for Kentucky]

Link to the full story:  https://kyforky.com/blogs/journal/laid-back-country-picker

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