Laid Back Country Picker

FALLSBURG, KY —Laid Back’s performance at The Burl, opening for Tyler Childers last fall was a big part of one of the most memorable nights of music I’ve ever experienced in Lexington. In the way of encouraging you to read the entire amazing piece by Coleman Larkin on the fast-growing legend that is the Laid Back Country Picker, I offer you this golden snippet:
“Laid Back is just that. He’s not trying to impress anybody. He’s been around. He’s seen some things. He just wants to play some good country music and treat everybody right. He’s an Entertainer with a capital E. The last of the first and the first of the last. That means pearl snap buttons and red piping on black Western wear erupting with roses. That means ankle boots so white and glossy they look like he dipped his feet in latex paint. And that means simple, thigh-slapping tunes with lyrics that hit your ears like good ol’ boy haikus.” (

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