October 7 – 10, 2021|Rockcastle Riverside, KY

The Handshake Deals

RED RIVER GORGE, KY – The Handshake Deals was started by longterm lovebirds, Laura Gregory (accordion, drums, and standup bass) and Casey Papendieck (standup bass, guitar, mandolin) who have been playing music in living rooms, around campfires, on sidewalks and on stage in a multitude of states and several countries since they met back in February 2006 in Austin, Texas. They have been residing in Eastern Kentucky since 2008/9. They have an intergalactic kind of musical connection and it is oh so sweet. They play mostly original tunes, written from hard work, simple living, love, longing, and curiosity among other themes. Beyond music, Casey is a potter and founder of Turtle Farm Pottery. Laura works to protect, restore, and celebrate the Red River watershed. They are proud of their well-providing garden and their wonderful friends and family. Past musical projects include: The Bloodroots Barter (KY), The Natural Valley of the Sphinx (TX), Turnstyle (TX), and The Four Day Tub Band (TX).

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