Driftwood Gypsy

Not enough is made of how Driftwood Gypsy uniquely bends genres. This is a group that one might reasonably describe as a funk band, or a jam band, but one that features bluesy slide guitar and an Americana songwriting flair, evidenced in long-standing covers by the likes of Darrell Scott and Gregg Allman. Don't get me wrong; they are funky as hell. And they do jam. But any and all styles of music are fair game for this band, whose only loyalty is to the pursuit of good times, through good jams and the mantra they so dutifully serve: to stay weird and boogie.
They've been at the center of the Lexington music scene for years, always supportive of everyone that comes up; always happy to donate their talents to any project. This will be their sixth appearance at the Moonshiner's Ball, and we're as excited as ever to see what they'll bring.
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