October 7 – 10, 2021|Rockcastle Riverside, KY

Chelsea Nolan

STANTON, KY – Chelsea Nolan, is building a fire. Lit by growing up in arguably the most beautiful countrysides in the nation, surrounded by self-taught musicians who could play the pants off most any instrument, and occasionally guided by big brother and fellow singer-songwriter, Josh Nolan, Chelsea has found a way to shine a light on all the dirty corners of life. Saying more in one line than most do in an entire song, her stories are candid, gritty, real, and they carry you right along with her through the heartbreak, humility, and life lessons learned.

Her first single, and the first track of her EP, paints a picture of the first man to create heat from pure will and ambition. “Build A Fire” came to me one night around camp at a place called Skeeter Ranch. I had just spent a few hours laying on top of an abandoned lock wall on the Kentucky River. When I made it back to the ranch, I sat staring at the fire, listening to the cicadas sing and the embers crackle, and thinking about how the fire was made and how long people have sat around and enjoyed the same thing I was enjoying. I started wondering about the man who first created fire and what that must have been like. I’m certain he eagerly shared it with his friends, who appreciated it, but then were left feeling empty and searching to find their very own fire.”

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