Load up the car and leave the city

Come out to where the Appalachian hills frame the horizon; where the air is clear, the water clean and the night skies dotted with the light of a thousand stars. For one weekend, forsake comfort for revelation. Turn your off the device and disconnect from all that is not immediate to your experience. There’s no signal to be found here anyways.

Trust that every musician, artist, poet, dancer, yogi, chef, merchant and volunteer has been painstakingly curated to maximize your experience. The Ball is not a corporate mega-festival. It is homegrown and musician-run. The artists are selected because they are original, because they will compel you to dance, or to think; to instill in you great calm, spontaneous joy or righteous fury.

We aren’t slinging dollars at large, established acts. We’re searching the entire year for diamonds in the rough, putting our own hard dollars down on art that we believe in.

Come be immersed in music and claim your space in the growing community that The Moonshiner’s Ball has become. Let your kids run wild in the creek, plucking crawdads and smashing geodes. Or steer clear of Family Camping and rage until a drum circle heralds in the misty dawn.